Jump House

Jimmy joined his play group at the local Bounce House.  He got a true work out going up and down the slide and jumping away.  I couldn’t believe that he insisted going down the slide on his own.  This was a perfect outing to wear him out.  He finally took a long nap.  Later that night, he was all eager to tell Dunder about the, “Jump House”.  It was precious to hear him communicate the recap of his day.

November 2013

Johnny is now nearly 9 months.  He is becoming a big boy – sitting on his own, eating mush, and crawling.  Just in a month, he reached some major milestones.  His follow up visit with the Children’s Hospital Neonatal Follow Up Group went well.  He even visited the Special Care Nursery to share a smile with his nurses and doctors.

Jimmy is also a big boy; however, when asked “Who is a Big Boy?”, his response was “Dada.”  Our comedy throughout the day involves Jimmy with his stool.  It is amazing to see him problem solve with it.  He has one for the upstairs and another one downstairs.  He can open the fridge and use the stool to get whatever pouch snack or cheese stick he can reach.  Then the next minute, he moves it to the window to check out the trash truck.  Again, it is on the move to let his Dunder Dog outside.  His independence with his stool really has made Jimmy into a “Big Boy.”

Jimmy is still loving the role of Big Brother.  With John eating mush, he really enjoys helping with the food process by either taking spoonfuls of John’s food or attempting to feed John himself.  Jimmy is always checking on John to the point where Johnny doesn’t get an opportunity to nap much with the constant toys that are being brought to “ON” (Jimmy’s nickname for John).  Peek-a-boo, laughing, You Tube videos of “Wheels on the Bus,” and playing with mega blocks and matchbox cars keep them entertained during the day.  Let’s emphasize the matchbox cars again.  Jimmy always has two in his pockets and sleeps with a few too.  We think that he really dreams of them!  Then when you add Dunder Dog to the mix, the three boys truly entertain each other and are great friends.

Thanksgiving went well this year.  Angie’s parents brought Thanksgiving to our house, as Johnny was sick with a virus.  He is doing much better, but it really damaged his stomach lining and he has been primarily on liquids for the past couple of weeks.  No Thanksgiving meal for Johnny, but we have a lot to be thankful for this year with our family, friends, and health.

Fall 2013

Jimmy’s weeks are now filled with lots of therapy.  In addition to speech, he is also getting occupational therapy too!  Also, he is now attending a therapy play group for additional services.  He is really loving the OT, as it is very play focused.  He doesn’t even realize he is getting a true workout to improve muscle tone.  Just since August, we have seen drastic improvement with Jimmy’s speech development.  His favorite words are “More”, “Bus”, and “Beep”.  We could not be more pleased with his progress.  His vocabulary now exceeds 50 words!

Johnny has been very alert and more engaged with his surroundings.  He is a big fan of sports, especially now that football season is underway.  He is nearly sitting on his own with a wobble.  It won’t be long before he is on the move!

Jimmy and Johnny have joined up with some friends for a weekly play day.  They ventured to the zoo with them and really enjoyed seeing the animals.  The boys really enjoy going on walks and roaming the leaf-filled backyard.  They also have been checking out the local parks that are walking distance away.  It is the start of many adventures together!